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Crew Certification Services / Flag State Documentation


Galilee Sea Services Pvt Ltd is a company specializes in providing crew and ship documentation services across the board and handling Seafarer’s flag documents.


With our highly experienced staff, we act on behalf of Ship owner, Manning Consultant and Ship operators to serve with dedication and make sure that all documentation is held on board to prevent delays through inspections and port controls which are not necessary.


We are one of the most credible, reliable, and efficient groups of Maritime sectors. We believe in focusing on customer satisfaction and hence carefully focus on personalizing the services making the client feel easier and comfortable. We are highly ethical and keep the quality standards to the front.


We have experienced and qualified team of individuals and are motivationally driven to sustain our clients by taking end to end responsibilities.


Our process of flag state documentation is very detailed and some of it is:


Seafarer Licenses, Full term COC, COE, CRA, Seaman Books (CDC) and other Flag state documentation required to serve on merchant vessels.


The high sense of ethics and responsibility is our utmost letter, and our endeavour is to always provide our clients with crucial solutions by keeping the highest Quality Standards to the fore.