Sponsorship Programs





Galilee Maritime Training Centre is involved in providing Quality Training of qualified personnel for the ship’s crew Managed by Galilee Sea Services Pvt Ltd, India and also to the Fleet of Global Shipping Companies under the Crew Manning agreements / Partnerships.


Galilee Maritime Training Centre is committed to provide Quality Maritime Training to our cadets and ships staff to meet the high Quality requirements of our Global Fleet. GMT is a division of GALILEE SEA SERVICES PVT LTD Approved by the Director General of Shipping, Govt of India. It is a Rapid growing shipping company having Manning Agreements with the best shipping companies in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Far East.


Galilee Maritime Training centre believes training is one of the key pillars to operate safe and efficient ships. We continuously invest in providing best Training to our seafarers. Our quality training system is tailored to meet both regulatory and safety requirements, providing qualified and well-trained seafarers according to the demands and requirements of our Global fleet ensuring that ships on highest standards.


Our Sponsorship Programs :

  • DNS (Approved by DG Shipping, Govt. Of India)
  • GME (Approved by DG Shipping, Govt. Of India)
  • ETO (Approved by DG Shipping, Govt. Of India)
  • GP Rating (Approved by DG Shipping, Govt. Of India)
  • DNS, GME, ETO (Approved by MCA, UK, Commonwealth of Dominica, Australia, Singapore etc)

Value Added Training :

  • Cookery Course
  • Welder / Fitter Course
  • Mess Man Course
  • Offshore Courses

Cadetship Selection Team :


Our selection Team carefully selects the students for our Cadetship program and provides Training in selected DG Approved Maritime Institutes in India. Our cadets will get world class Maritime Training approved by the Director General of Shipping and also value added Training endorsed by the International Organisations. The Selection Team carefully scrutinise every application and strictly selects the candidates by Interview and Computer Test.